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Billing info

We are currently changing our procedures for supplier invoices, and ask that all invoices are sent electronically from November 1st 2014 and
  • Are marked with the name or code (3 letters) of the person booking and project number if necessary
  1. Electronical invoice, please see the requirements at http://entra.no/about/article/innkjop-i-entra/16 
  2. The invoice including attachments can be sent electronically as a pdf to faktura@entra.no             
    • Every pdf-file must contain ONLY 1 complete invoice including attachments. Multiple pdf-files can be sent within the same email.
    • References and other messages need to be applied directly to the invoice and not be written in the email. The files are read by machine and messages in the email itself will not be read.
  • At the same time we also request a 30 day payment condition with all our suppliers, in those cases where we don't already have this in place. This applies for the following companies: 
COMPANY Org.number
Hinna Park Eiendom AS 912829391
Hinna Park AS 979273509
Hinna Park Logistikk AS 884397502
Hinna Park Utvikling AS 997765583
HP Stadionblokken C AS 991973672
Fjordpiren AS 984353065
Troll Næring AS 998772362
Ormen Lange AS 998799252
Gullfaks AS 998772338
Oseberg Næring AS 912997308

For more information, please contact okonomi@hinna-park.no