Hinna Park is proud to present its new, updated website, developed in collaboration with our strategic communication partner Destino.
Here you will find what you need to know about the properties here, vacant premises, companies that have become established here, restaurants, shopping, housing and much more besides. You can read about the transformation of the Jåttåvågen area from accommodating oil platforms and the offshore industry to its present condition with residential areas for young people and older people alike, side by side with international companies, shopping, places to take a stroll – and the pride of the town: the Viking football club.
"Our objective for the new website was for its content and appearance to more closely reflect the business profile of the area," according to Kjetil Haver, marketing director. He continues: "Over the past ten years, the district has flourished to become perhaps the closest thing our region has to a Finance Business District, and it was important to us to emphasise that, too. Today, we have a number of exciting companies investing aggressively here, with more on the way, but obviously there’s room for new companies too," he concludes with a smile, before rising to his feet and rushing off to his next meeting.

If you’re looking for new business premises - you might just find what you’re looking for here. The website has been adapted for iPad and mobile viewing.