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General information about JF 27
JF 27 is beautiful located with direct views across the fjord and the canal that runs across the park just outside the building. The exterior and interior were designed and adjusted to suit the tenant’s vision, working methods and business model. JF 27 will be a living building – a place where people meet to bring activity and creativity to life.

Our flexible solution will make it possible to choose an open-plan solution, cell offices or a combination, and it will of course be straightforward to make changes at a later date.

150–600 m2 on the first storey is regulated for external business.

JF 27 is an office building with two atriums that provide excellent lighting conditions throughout the areas of the building that need it. Transport zones and busy thoroughfares are assigned to the areas of the building where they will cause the least disturbance to workers. The building has 5 full storeys and a restricted 6th storey. Shared functions such as bicycle parking, fitness room and cloakrooms are arranged in U1 with direct access from a dedicated cycle ramp. The building has four transport zones; three of these also cover access to parking in U1 and U2.

Materials and architectural design
The building is constructed from prefabricated bubble deck elements with bands of windows that cross the storeys and extend around the entire building. 
Landscape and vegetation; overall concept by Lark

The site around JF 27 is being developed under the control of Stavanger Municipality and will then be released for public use. The area will be developed as or within Hinna Park to ensure the public has good, well-arranged solutions that suit the residents and the business areas within HinnaPark.
Technical systems and technical characteristics

The building will be built to a high standard in terms of technical systems and structural characteristics. This ensures a long service life, low energy consumption and a high level of comfort for users of the building.
Structural characteristics:
  • Atrium structure with minimal exterior facade in proportion to gross floor space, south-facing facade partially shaded by the building, north-facing facade free, open area towards the south.
  • Energy-efficient building carcase, focus on materials, and on suppliers offering superior environmental performance.
  • Designed for electric cars and bicycles, LCA and LCC as the basis of the design choice
  • Glass facades Very good U value (energy characteristics)
  • Sun-screening for all facades in direct sunlight 
  • Concrete elements
  • Tight building structures with minimal escape of air 
  • Tight joints/details with minimal cold bridge factor
  • Scope for storage of thermal energy in the structures
  • High performance in terms of sound and fire  

Technical systems:
  • The building is heated by waterborne heat from the Forus incineration plant.
  • District cooling from Gandsfjorden.
  • Energy-efficient, balanced ventilation system to ensure a good interior climate, generous cooling capacity, low energy consumption and excellent flexibility
  • Sprinkling of the entire complex to prevent/reduce damage from the start of a fire
  • Luminaires in the building have been chosen to promote low energy consumption. Zoned lighting control will also help to reduce overall energy consumption


Totalt area: 17 800 m²
Vacant area: 3 900 m²
Gross floor space: 15 500 m²
Generally accessible area: 150-600 m²
Storage area: 160 m²
Public area: Privately owned office building – not public.
Plot size: Around 4,000 m2. Undergoing parcelling.
Description: Project under development.  5–6 storeys with the exterior/interior adapted to the tenant’s vision, working methods and business model.
Architect: Link Arkitektur AS
Contractor: Kruse Smith Entreprenør AS
Start of construction: 2014
Calculated power consumption -kwh/m² 1,120,179 kWh The district heating supply will be 467,390 kWh.
Calculated use of fossil fuels kwh/m² 0 kwh/m². District heating
Calculated production of renewable energy kwh/m² (ref Ene5) 0 kwh/m². District heating
Calculated water consumption  m³/person/year  


BREEAM NOR is Norway’s foremost classification method for sustainable buildings, with the option of NGBC certification. BREEAM NOR is a Norwegian adaptation of BREEAM and was launched on 20 October 2011.

Norwegian Green Building Council (NGBC) is an independent association for sector leaders in Norwegian construction and property. NGBC seeks to be a motivator and driving force for the changes that construction and property intend to make in order to reduce environmental and health impact by transferring knowledge and tools, and by equipping members and others in line with future requirements and opportunities. NGBC’s purpose is to raise environmental standards in Norwegian construction by developing BREEAM-NOR in such a way as to make eco-friendly construction more sought-after and acclaimed.

The building, construction and property sector accounts for almost 40% of all energy consumption and produces 40% of all waste in Norway. Total climate emissions for the construction sector are high, and there are also major challenges associated with the use of materials that are hazardous to the environmental or to health. With this in mind, an entire industry has got together to back the development of BREEAM NOR. BREEAM NOR recognises standards that exceed the minimum requirements of the authorities. In the short term, BREEAM NOR seeks to help increase sustainability and quality in Norwegian commercial construction through greater awareness of how owners, tenants and society can achieve the following:
  • Enhanced wellbeing for the users of the building by ensuring healthy, predictable and well-functioning solutions
  • Better business economics, return and capital appreciation
  • A better environment and lower energy consumption

Using BREEAM NOR as a tool for design-work is about constructing buildings that are more eco-friendly than conventional buildings. There are nine different focus areas. These are: management, health and the interior environment, energy, transport, materials, waste, use of space, the ecology and pollution. The building will be graded based on its performance within these aspects. There are five grades: pass, good, very good, excellent and outstanding. This type of certification also documents the characteristics of the building from an environmental perspective.

Following the preliminary analysis, the project objective is to achieve a BREEAM NOR EXCELLENT grading of 73 points.
Here is a list of some measures that have been implemented on the construction site in order to achieve the desired classification and reduce environmental impact in the form of innovative construction management:
  • Strong focus on the Environment in the HSE plan.
  • Increased focus on waste sorting.
  • Increased focus on the choice of materials.
  • Assessments to avoid soil contamination.
  • In-depth HSE plan where the environmental aspect is greatly expanded compared to other construction projects.
  • Measures to ensure that commercial areas and neighbours are not exposed to unnecessary dust, noise or light.
  • A tidy, safe construction site.
  • Information to neighbours and other stakeholders.
  • Energy-saving measures introduced on the construction site
  • Measurement of water consumption and energy consumption
  • High level of sorting-at-source and efficiency improvements in the use of resources
  • All timber used on the construction site has been responsibly sourced (not on the CITES list)
  • Avoidance of products with high VOC (volatile organic compounds) content and prohibition on products for which the necessary documentation cannot be produced
  • Materials sought carry environmental declarations, the Swan eco-label or similar.
  • Total ban on environmental toxins on the A20 list (the A20 list is based on the [former] Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency’s selection of rogue substances)
  • Survey of the tenant’s travel habits as part of the preparation of a mobility plan

External links:
Norwegian Greean Building Council (NGBC) which operates and owns BREEAM NOR : www.ngbc.no
BREEAM NOR: www.breeam.org

Progress as of October 2015

Progress building:
The facade supplier is currently finishing their work, which will lead to low activity outside the site towards the Seaview complex. The interior work is on schedule and fully staffed. The building will be completed 1st of June 2016.

Progress parking:
The parking basement is completed and the project is terminated. Parking spaces are available for rent from the 1st of October 2015. The park area outside will be finished during spring time 2016.

Working hours
Normal working hours are between 06.30 -17.00. The noisy work is finished, but should some activities lead to more noise we will alert the neighbours in advance. We have put up spotlights certain places on the building site. These are not facing the residential area, but please contact us if they are bothering you.

Please do not hesitate contacting us should there be anything that bothers you. You can also see the site activity on the live cam below.

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Progress (LIVECAM)

Follow the development of JF 27 live through our webcam.

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