Ormen Lange

Hinna Park Bygg B

About the building

Totalt area: 11.700 m²
Vacant area: 11.700 m²
Description: Project under development. 5–6 storeys; the exterior/interior can be adapted to the company’s vision, working methods and business model.
Architect: Eder Biesel Arkitekter
Start of construction assumed: 2015/2016
New construction in green surroundings
The project takes its name from the famous Norwegian gas field. At the same time, the characteristic shape of the building is also reminiscent of a serpent (“orm” in Norwegian) moving through the green landscape. 

This flexible solution makes it possible to choose from an open-plan office landscape, cell offices or a combination of both. Naturally, the solution is designed to be flexible to accommodate future changes in your business.

The area

  • Customized buildings; high degree of flexibility
  • The area has its own service and operating solution
  • Positive business cluster
  • Proximity to schools, kindergartens and recreation areas
  • New infrastructure 
  • Shopping, cultural activities and services

Wide choice of car parks.

Other transport options: 
  • Several bus stops (40 buses per hour in the rush-hours)
  • Local railway station (8 trains per hour in the rush-hours)
  • Own bus services from central districts
  • Cloakrooms and facilities for cyclists
"Whenever we sign up new tenants, we are strategically aware of the mix of businesses. Thus, we are developing a business cluster where interaction and rivalry create lasting competitive advantages."


Kjetil Andre Haver
Kjetil Andre Haver
Sales & Marketing Director
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