Hinna Park Oseberg

About the building

Totalt area: 17 600 m²
Vacant area: 17 600 m²
Description: Project under development. 5 storeys; the exterior/interior can be adapted to the company’s vision, working methods and business model.
Architect: Link Arkitektur
Start of construction: assumed 2016/2017

About the building

A building of contrasts
The contrasts of sea, wind, boats and the market square, the forest, the gentle breeze and the green heart inspired the design of Oseberg. Oseberg contains stringent glass facades with soft horizontal divisions that virtually become the visible skeleton of the building. The interior will be designed and adapted in ways that support the tenant’s vision, working methods, business model and requirements for space.
Lots of light, open spaces and plenty of flexibility

In terms of infrastructure, the arteries of communication are arranged vertically to the atriums or courtyards of light, while encompassing the shared spaces, meeting places and coffee spots. The courtyards of light become the spaces at the heart of the building – a continuation of the green parkland inside the building. Here, all that is green must come to life, and traffic and meeting points must visualise the life and inclination for work of this vibrant building. The courtyards of light help to make the building compact and bring daylight into the adjoining rooms.

The flexibility of the building makes it possible to choose an open-plan solution, an office or a combination of both. It will of course be straightforward to make changes at a later date.


Kjetil Andre Haver
Kjetil Andre Haver
Sales & Marketing Director
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